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Rock and a Hard Place

August 12, 2011 2 comments

This week I had two interviews – one with a lawyer I met on Twitter, and one for a doc review agency.

Both were in DC.

The first interview was for the lawyer I kind-of knew. I got in the car. I drove to the metro. I walked to her office. And without traffic? That took 2 hours. Coming home in DC traffic took almost three and a half.

I live too far away from where the jobs are.

This isn’t news. I’ve known it for a while. I just didn’t know HOW far. And as I sat in traffic on 270 at a standstill yesterday, it became painfully obvious how far out of my reach all of these jobs were. It became obvious why no one was interested in looking at my resume. It was so obvious.

And for the first time in months, I just cried. Big, fat tears in my car, stuck in traffic, like an idiot. I called a friend. I cried some more. And I lamented that I had done everything right, worked hard, and done well, and this is what my situation has come to.

It got so bad that I called my dad, still crying, and told him that I felt like a big fat failure. I felt like, in my zeal to make the most responsible decisions that I could, I’d screwed myself. That I had no idea what to do next. That I was so scared and angry and frustrated that all the things that I wanted were so far out of my grasp. And like the fantastic father that he is, he just sat and listed for about fifteen minutes. And when I was done, he told me that maybe it was time for The Fiance and I to think about moving. That yes, it was more money. But that he’s got our backs. And did I still want to go to New York for my birthday?

Today I’m still going to the doc review interview (in fact, about the time this is published I’ll be walking in to it – wish me luck). And I’m going to look into what it would take to break our lease out here, get a subletter, and move into Northern Virginia, where I might have a prayer of finding a job, no matter how small. Where I can be in DC in under 2 hours. Where I can get to the Metro without driving an hour and twenty minutes (without traffic). Where John could also find something to  do in the short-term until the government actually hires him. I’m going to keep looking for administrative/paralegal jobs until I get my results. I’m not going to give up.

I tried. I tried really hard to like it out here, and in some ways I do. I tried to get excited about small town life. But, when it comes down to it, it’s too much. It’s too far. And there’s nothing I can do to fix it but change my location.

And in case you were wondering? My father is the very best father in the entire world. I’m so lucky.

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Small Town Saturday

May 28, 2011 2 comments

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera when we went into Shepherdstown today to do some shopping/meandering. But don’t fear – we’ll be back there tomorrow, so you’ll soon be bombarded with photos of organic foods, artisan breads, local meats, and hippies.

However, I *did* remember my camera when The Fiance and I ventured across the street to try the new taco place. And while the entire apartment isn’t ready for photos (So. Many. Books.), I figure that the least I can do is show you some of the areas that are mostly organized.

So, without further adieu, here are some photos of the place:

View of our building from across the street. Why yes, we *do* live above an AAA agency.

Entryway of our apartment, as seen from the second floor. That image is of the building, and indicates that it used to be a rather fancy dress shop.

Kitchen. Please excuse the dishes in the sink and my keys on the counter. Not pictured: HUGE walk-in pantry that I'm standing in, the refrigerator, or all the empty space where the kitchen cart will eventually go.

Bathroom. Rather unexciting, except that it's long and skinny. That's kind of awkward, but the garden tub makes up for any space concerns. I didn't realize how fantastic a larger tub was. Now I'm spoiled.

The "bar" in our dining room. In reality, it's a salvaged and repurposed nightstand that I saved and refinished the summer before 1L. Up front is the bottle of Carmenere that I found in Shepherdstown today. I may have squealed and hugged the bottle. Don't judge.

This evening, The Fiance and I found ourselves hungry, but not really interested in cooking. We thus decided that it would be an excellent time to try the Habanero Grill, which is located near our new place.  This required stepping out of the building into “downtown.” Behold its … metropolitan? splendor:

"Downtown" looking to the left coming out of our place.

"Downtown" looking to the right, across the street.

After getting to the grill, we noticed some interesting wall art on the side of the restaurant. I’m not really sure of the significance, but it’s evidently folksy.

This mural is on the side of the Habanero Grill. Evidently it's supposed to celebrate the folk history of the area? I'm mostly confused by the violins. Do a lot of people in this area play them? Are they particularly folksy? I NEED ANSWERS.

And then, delicious tacos were procured:

I obviously forgot to record these tacos until I'd already taken a bite. They're beef with hot salsa, onion and lettuce. The Fiance got chorizo with the same. We also shared chips and queso, and an order of sopapillas. All were fantastic.

Finally, on the way back home, we decided to stop in at Lupida’s Groceria, a Mexican grocery down the block from our place. We didn’t spend much time browsing, but were able to locate some Mexican Coke, much to our delight.  For those who are unfamiliar with the difference, Coca Cola in Latin America is still sweetened with real cane sugar, and has a different taste. It also comes in a glass bottle, at least in some varieties, like the ones we found.

Delicious cane sugar sweetened goodness.

And that was our day! Stay tuned tomorrow for photos from the Shepherdstown farmer’s market.