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Memorial Day Weekend

Well, the abysmal news re: Fiance’s iMac has been semi-resolved. We checked, and it’s still covered under Applecare until August, so we’re going to be taking a trip to the nearest Apple Store to have a conversation with a Genius and decide what can be done to fix it.  To highlight the difference between my life in Pittsburgh and my life here: in Pittsburgh, a trip to the Genius Bar would have meant a 4 block walk. Here? We have to drive an hour and twenty minutes (assuming we don’t hit traffic) into Reston, VA.  However, all the major components of his machine are covered under the extended warranty and the consultation is free, so it’s worth the drive. While we’re there, we’ll also have the joy of getting our iPhones, which are a very generous present from my parents for our graduations.

Anyway, it’s been a relaxing Memorial Day weekend here. The Brother-in-Law came over on Sunday to hang closet bars, so we’re in the final stages of unpacking, now that we’re able to sort clothes meaningfully. We also spent our Sunday night over at Other Mom’s, which is always an enjoyable time.

I didn’t bring the camera, but their house is magical in a way that I don’t think pictures would capture.  They’ve essentially rebuilt the house since they moved in in 1984, and made it their own. It doesn’t have air conditioning or a furnace (they use a wood stove), but it’s perfectly them. And on hot summer nights, like last night, everyone sits out around the fire pit playing Scrabble, drinking good beer, and talking about everything and nothing, and alternately petting or cursing the cats, depending on if they’re behaving or not.

It’s a little family, the people who show up regularly, and Other Mom mothers us all. We were sent home yesterday with a CD of Patent Pending (the bluegrass band Other Dad is in), a book, and a pineapple.

Today was significantly lazier, and consisted mostly of putting things away, and some studying. We did, however, make a trip to Lowes, where we picked up more permanent pots for our two little fledgling herb plants, as well as a more mature basil plant and some sage.

Mature basil, rosemary seedling, basil seedling, and German sage.

I’ve consulted with my mother, who has the green thumb in the family, and she assured me that there was very little I could do to kill these suckers. I’m hoping to prove her right over the next few weeks, but I am solidly skeptical.

Here’s hoping that your MDW was also relaxing and productive. And to those families of those service men and women who have given their lives: my thoughts are with you.

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