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Shepherdstown Farmer’s Market

It’s Sunday in the Eastern Panhandle, and that means: local organic goodness at the Shepherdstown Farmer’s Market. But before those photos, how about a very quick photo tour of the teeny tiny little town?

One side of downtown Shepherdstown.


Side 2 of downtown Shepherdstown. Full of little craft shops, semi-swanky restaurants, and wine and cheese stores. They come and go, and every time one closes, another opens up.


This white building ahead is the Shepherdstown Public Library. It's got crazy hours, and seems to be mostly historic. Soon, I will investigate the inside, and hopefully get some photos. The farmer's market is located directly behind it, and the Sweet Shop is directly to the right of it.


Before heading into the farmer’s market, we got breakfast at the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop, which The Fiance tells me is one of the few constants on the main drag in town. The others include Stonewall’s (a pizza place/bar), the Lost Dog (a really good local coffee shop) and Betty’s (a local diner open for breakfast and lunch).  While enjoying our ham and cheese croissants, we spied some evidence that we are, in fact, living near some very environmentally  conscious/crunchy people:

This is a protest flier for a local industrial site. It talks about the noise and hazardous chemicals and machinery that are being used.


This one is a flyer announcing appeal hearings for a mountaintop removal/strip mining operation that they want to put in near us. We're planning on going to them. Strip mining is bad, bad bad. For tourism and the environment both.


And then there was this guy. He was protesting in the middle of town. I know you can't read his sign from here, but it says "War is not the Answer." And then, that little white addendum on the left says, "Who will we attack next?" It's a pretty liberal place.

After breakfast, we headed over to the farmer’s market, which looked approximately like this:


We spent a total of $32.50, and purchased the following items:

2lbs of grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free sirloin steak, from Kearneysville, WV, which is approximately 10 miles down the road from us. $18


2lbs red potatoes, from the same farm as the steak. $2.00


One quart of local strawberries. $5


Basil and rosemary starters. Sold to me by two people with dreadlocks. $5.50 for both. I'll be getting real pots for them this week.


Homemade macaroons, $1 each. Enjoyed with milk upon returning home.

And there you have it – a very successful trip to the farmer’s market.  I had the actual camera with me this week, so I felt awkward about taking photos of the vendors’ stands.  Hopefully this week after I get the iPhone, I’ll be able to more subtly take photos of the crazy things I see around town.

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