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Introducing Myself

This time last week, I lived in a city. I had a new, lofted apartment with two decks, a tiny kitchen, and a huge master bedroom.  I had a phone full of people I could call at a moment’s notice to go get Thai or Ethiopian food, or to try the new burger joint that serves spiked milkshakes. I was within driving distance of the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had, brewed at a hipster-run independent coffee shop. I had no idea where the nearest WalMart was, and could walk to most of the things I wanted on a daily basis, including my gym and the grocery store.

But I also had a fiance. And he had a job opportunity that, while amazing, would take us away from that city apartment and, at least temporarily, to a small town in West Virginia, while we wait for him to start his job about 45 minutes away.

Now, I have a larger (and cheaper!) apartment in a building built in 1920. It has original doors, hardwood floors, and a brand new kitchen and bathroom (I peeled the plastic off all my appliances when I arrived).  I have an office, and an extremely great neighbor.  There is no Thai food, let alone Ethiopian, but there are some pretty good Mexican restaurants (as well as a TON of chains). I can walk to not one, but two courthouses. On the third floor, my apartment is a “high rise.” I’ve purchased most of the supplies for the new apartment at WalMart, and marveled at how cheap everything is out here. I drive everywhere.

So, while I dearly miss my city life, I’m attempting to adjust to life in a small town. Along the way, I’ll chronicle the good, the bad, the ugly, and the just plain weird here, probably with plenty of terrible iPhone photos.  Consider this my own personal Green Acres, and you’re all invited.

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  1. Bennett
    May 24, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    FIRST! Ha, but seriously, what a difference! I’m looking forward to the stories and blunders. And now I’m very sad I was never able to visit you because a spiked milkshake sounds amazing right about now.

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